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- Secrets To Raising Your Credit Scores Now: A comprehensive step by step guide complete with sample letters and resources by attorney Richard J. Symmes. Sign Up Now!

(1) What will the DIY credit repair course consist of?

4 DIY Credit Repair Lessons Which Include:

Lesson 1: What Goes Into a Credit Score

You will learn about:
a. Understanding your credit score
b. Establishing or rebuilding credit history
c. Maintaining good credit
d. Your credit repair action plan

Lesson 2: What Laws Do You Need To Know to Repair Your Credit and How to Use them to Your Advantage.

You will learn about what federal laws have been established to protect consumers and their credit reports.

Lesson 3: Understanding Your Credit Report

You will learn how to get and understand your credit report.

Lesson 4: How to use sample letters and forms to repair your credit

You will learn how to create, validate and dispute items on your credit report using templates provided.

(2) Who is the DIY credit repair course for?

This DIY credit repair course is for people who want to save on money paid out over the long term, want to learn about credit and who are willing to put in the work. If you don’t have the time or want an instant fix you should skip the course and hire a professional, although any credit repair program may take 6-8 months to get the best results.

(3) Will you be providing sample letters for consumers to use on their own and show them how to use them?

Yes the course will provide numerous DIY sample letters and a full explanation of the laws that make them work, as well as a bonus lesson walking consumers through a sample letter and a cheat sheet used to draft your dispute letters. All course slides will also be included and can be downloaded.

(4) Why would somebody want to learn about credit when they can just hire you to fix their credit?

a. You have credit for life, it’s good to be educated
b. The course will be offered at a lower price point than hiring an attorney
c. The course includes cheat sheets, examples, and sample dispute letters for all situations
d. An attorney will be available for a consultation if you get stuck and you can always convert to full service attorney representation.

(5) What if somebody only has a couple of negative items on their credit? Should they use this DIY credit repair course?

Yes! This course is perfect for you since the time to prepare docs will be less and this will be less expensive than hiring somebody else.

(6) How much does the DIY credit repair course cost?

The course cost is a onetime fee of $199.00 and includes all 4 lessons as well as the bonus lesson walking consumers through a sample dispute letter. Additionally numerous sample dispute letters to the credit bureaus, creditors/collection companies and data aggregators will be provided.

(7) How much do credit repair companies cost?

The fee’s vary but almost all companies will charge you a monthly fee in addition to a setup fee. And most of these companies or individuals you will be working with are not attorneys. Also keep in mind that there is no barrier to entry into the credit repair field so many people in this business have no formal education in this field.

(8) What if I want Symmes Law Group to handle drafting all my dispute letters and providing advice?

If at any time after downloading the DIY credit repair course you want to convert to full service representation you may do so. There will be an additional setup fee as well as a monthly fee of $97 to cover postage and time working on your case.

(9) What if I get stuck while preparing my dispute letters?

An attorney from Symmes law group can assist you with a 30 minute consultation. The fee for this consultation is $150.

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